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Welcome to Indivm Energy

We are here to help you find the best solar solutions for your home, company or farm. India's solar power potential is virtually limitless. With solar equipment costs falling every year, solar power is becoming ever more affordable. We believe that solar is a great solution for individual consumers as well as for India as a country. You can initiate a personal and national energy transition. We set up Indivm Energy to help you achieve that.


SunPower has SunPower has zero down solar lease and loan options
Zero Down Home Solar System Lease and Loan Options

Vision & Mission

To build 'Green India' through harnessing abundant solar radiation and to achieve energy security for the country.
To become the leader in development of large scale solar installations, solar plants and solar parks and to promote and commercialize the use of solar energy to reach remotest corner of India.
To become leader in exploring new technologies and their deployment to harness solar energy.

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More power to you

We at Indivm Energy are passionate about contributing to a world, which does not depend on power from fossil fuels. Our aim is to accelerate the adoption of solar technology across the world to conserve our environment and provide an environmentally friendly, sustainable and conflict-free power supply.


"Getting solar products is best decisions I made.

It pays for itself, helps us improve the quality of air we breathe, and increases the value of your home. It's no wonder everyone that I know that went solar is pleased they did. What's not to love about it?"

- Manish Gupta

Potential of Solar Products

Energy savings achieved and return on investment depend upon a number of factors that vary according to each customer's particular circumstances. Without limitation, these factors include: equipment used, solar system size, solar panel orientation and shading, insolation available, and applicable utility rates and rate structure, as well as customer's eligibility for rebates, incentives, and net-metering or similar programs (the availability of which may differ for each customer). Therefore, each customer's experience will vary, and the descriptions above may not represent the average customer's experience with home solar.